Monday, September 11, 2017

Broken - by Trovarion

Hello, dear paint-sprayers and brush-lickers,

In this article, I want to show you guys and girls a beautiful little bust by Trovarion. Christoph Eichhorn, the person behind Trovarion, is a painter and sculptor. He has made many figures and bust that can be often seen on Putty&Paint, Facebook or at conventions and competitions.

The bust I got is a very cute, small bust of a damaged android. I haven't measured it but I'd say it's about 5cm high. The droid's right jaw and cheek (the viewers left) is damaged due to some unknown cause.

Front view of the bust

The undamaged side of the android

Shot of the damaged cheek
As you can see, the bust doesn't feature a lot of different textures, but it does have more than enough options for patterns or some nice weathering. Since there are not a ton of cool sci-fi busts out there this is a real gem! The original price was €25 but Christoph figured out how to get the price down to €21 for new buyers. Contact Christoph via the Trovarion Facebook page to check the current price and availability.

Well, that is all for this little review. I hope you enjoyed it as I will enjoy painting this little droid bust.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to keep the tip pointy and the airbrush needle lubed up!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

- UPDATED - My next project

Hi there paint and hobby addicts!

I have published a lot of articles about new busts I received, but I haven't got around to painting them yet. I'm currently finishing up some of my still unfinished projects, but I would like your help to decide which I should start next!

Thank you for participating! (the vote ended September 14th, 2017)

- update -

A massive thanks to the "thank you" to all the 29 people who voted to help me pick my new project! The results are in!


It seems Kahl-Agul by Karol Rudyk Arts will be my next project!
Thank you again for voting!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Showcase: Primaris Space Marine

Hello fellow painters and paintresses, 😜

In this showcase, I would like to share a recently finished project, as promised. Before I got the Gabriel Angelos model I showed last week, I went to my local Warhammer store and got a Primaris Marine on sprue to paint.

I didn't choose a specific chapter but I went with a color scheme that would look nice and eye-catching. The base was made on a 35mm round plinth and was made to look like a muddy wasteland.

The puddle of water on the base was made using Secret Weapon Miniatures Realistic Water with a little bit of green paint. This was actually the first time I used this product and while it does shrink a lot, it doesn't smell bad.

Below you will find some more WIP (work in progress) pictures of this project.

The model on sprue

I mixed the brightest orange I could create

Some subtle shades of warm grey to create depth
The eyes were created with glazes of Vallejo Fluo blue

Highlights airbrushed on using a light skin tone

Some handpainted battle damage
Building up the basic shape for the base with cork and tubing

Filling gaps with Milliput

Sanded the Milliput to create a smoot surface

I added Vallejo Fresh Mud texture paste

Some barbed wire from ArmyPainter,
rolled around a pencil
I hope you enjoyed this little showcase article. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can.

If you want to see some of my WIP pictures, feel free to follow me on Instagram!

That's it for today! I hope I will see you guys and girls in a next article!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Showcase: Gabriel Angelos

Hello fellow painters and modelers, 

In light on my recent article on finishing projects for the sake of finishing them and learning from them, I hereby present my first finished project since that post.

This is Gabriel Angelos, chapter master of the Blood Ravens Space Marine chapter, known from the Dawn of War Warhammer 40K video games.

The model was supplied by "W" Miniatures Artel. The model is painted with airbrush and brushes and the base is scratch-built with plastic card and tubes on a wooden plinth by Sockelmacher.

Below you will find pictures of the finished project as well as some WIP pictures. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments.

I really enjoyed painting this model. Dawn of War, especially DoW2 is one of my favorite games and while you can't play as Gabriel Angelos, he is still a great character in the game.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will see you next time!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Kahl-Agul - a vampire bust by Karol Rudyk Art

Hi, fellow hobbyists!

Today I will show you the latest addition to my pile of shame. I was very excited about this bust because it has a unique look and shape!

Karol Rudyk Art is a company from Poland, founded by Karol Rudyk who himself is a sculptor and award winning painter. Browsing his website, you will currently find dragons and vampires of the highest quality. He has two very large dragon models, both with a rider and a large scenic base. He also has some vampire busts for sale.

And I got my hands on one of them...

Kahl-Agul is a heavily deformed vampire, more bat than man. There is no back story for him so that is totally up to you. He could be transforming into or from his bat form, or he could be a feral vampire, feeding on himself and rodents (bats and rats), mutating him to this state.

Side view of this resin bust, take note of the hunched over
pose of the vampire.

This resin bust, sculpted by Luke Starkie, has a really scary feel and looks like it stepped straight out of a horror movie. For a bust, it has a bit of a strange pose, leaning forward and his arms/wings slightly forward and outward. The bottom is also completely flat, so you can't just stick it to a standard bust plinth cut on an angle. This means it needs a slightly more creative solution and this can be hard for some people, and me. 😜

The flat bottom of this bust makes it hard to for to think of a
suitable plinth. But maybe an oval shape can work!

This bust is about 6,5cm high...

... but almost 9cm wide!

This monster has some awesome details. The prominent ones are in the face. The wrinkles and wide open mouth, but there are also the muscles on his back and shoulders, the muscle fibers on the chest and the veins running under his skin!
This will keep you up at night!
Very cool facial features!

The model comes in three pieces, the body and two separate jaws that need to be glued into the mouth. The vents from pouring the resin can be easily removed by cutting them off and using some fine sanding stick to smooth them down. Be careful with the ears, however, they are fragile. Behind the ears, you will most likely find some flash and holes. this is because it's a multi part mold and the back of the head is where the pieces come together. I was a little disappointed at first, but it's not something a little putty and some precision sanding can't fix.

The problem behind the ears

The price of this bust is €59, which, in my opinion, is a bit high. Yes, it is a unique bust and you can see the time and dedication that has gone into designing it but for that price, I would have liked to see the mold problem behind the ears fixed. Luckily, Karol often has discounts on his models or combo deals, where you can buy multiple busts at a discount.

All and all I think that this is a really cool bust with great potential! It just needs to end up in the right hands. Karol himself is starting to paint one of these himself, so keep a close eye out on his Facebook for pictures.

That's it for this article. If I had to rate the bust I would give it an 8,5/10, with the only downsides the price and the holes behind the ears. Other than that, if you are a fan of vampires or monstrous busts, this is definitely something for you!

If you reached this point, thank you for reading through my ramblings, and I hope to see you next time!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

To know when done is done!

Hi, everybody!

In this article, I want to share my opinion and insight on the matter in the title, to know when to put something away and consider it finished!

A lot of you might have the same struggle that I have, a pile of unfinished projects...

eternal WIP project, tribal orc

Eternal WIP project, Chaos Lord
Recently, I came to realize that it is WAY BETTER to finish a project without it being perfect instead of struggling through the eternal path to perfection.

Eternal WIP project, Durotan

Eternal WIP project, Orgrim Doomhammer
From now on, I am just gonna finish stuff. It is important for yourself and your personal development as a painter or sculptor or whatever artistic clan you associate yourself with to finish projects and to learn from it.

Eternal WIP project, wrecked T-34 tank

Eternal WIP project, Dungeon Explorer
The end result might not be as good as you want it to be but the important part is that you had an idea and brought it to life, start to finish! Don't worry about your project being perfect because in one or two years from now you will have learned so much more that you won't like your old projects anyway.

Eternal WIP project, Abalam prince of hell

Eternal WIP project, Feral orc
Finishing projects, makes you learn so much more than struggling with that one project, trying to make it perfect.

Also, when it's done, it is done. This might sound like crappy advice but it will allow you to put your project away and focus on something new, to use what you learned in your previous project and bring it to life!

From now on, I will stop worrying about making a project as good as it can possibly be. I will start planning what I want to do with it and just do it!

I know this article isn't so much about painting itself but more about the project of making a finished model but I hope you liked it anyway and that maybe this will help you with your current and future projects.

Next up will a finished project! 😜
Cya all next time!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Katsumoto - by Mitches Military Models

Hi everybody,

I want to apologize for my lack of recent posts but I've been busy with everything except painting. I did paint a few small project or made very little progress on current projects but nothing worth posting or writing about.

At the moment, my hobby seems more to be a collector of models and busts instead of being a painter.

My most recent purchase is a bust portraying Katsumoto from the movie The Last Samurai by Mitches Military Models. They have a large assortment of 120mm, 200mm resin figures, and busts. They range from historical models to modern day soldiers.

Some of the movie inspired pieces immediately caught my eye, and some of them were on sale as well! Lucky me!

The bust comes in 3 pieces. the head
and body, and 2 pieces that might be
ornamental or added armor
The bust is cast in light, yellowish resin. I believe this resin is toxic when inhaled so be sure to wear a dust mask when sanding or sawing! That being said, it is good practice to always wear a dust mask when sanding resin, to prevent Pneumoconiosis.

The model does require some cleanup, there is a pretty nasty mold line on the back of the model, running across the back and the back of his head. There are also some little blobs of resin between his collar and neck. The obvious flash should also be removed.

The blue-green dot is a part of the
silicon mold
Okay so it's obvious that this bust needs some serious cleaning up, but I'm still pretty excited about it! The bust is a perfect resemblance of the actor and character in the movie and it has some beautiful details! I'm definitely adding this one a little higher on the to do list for future projects!

A comparison between the bust and the original
So we have reached the end of this article. I will try to write more in the coming months. I have some interesting projects on the shelf so I hope I can find the time to start and finish them and write about it.

Thank you for reading and until next time!